I am not ready to go back into the cinemas
Before the pandemic we had two great cinemas close to where we live. My wife and I enjoyed seeing the latest movies in both theaters.

Now one of them is closed. It's an older cinema owned by Regal Cinemas but it was well-maintained and had lots of screens.

The AMC Cinema is closer to us, has more screens, and is newer. It's re-opened but we're not ready to start watching movies in public again.

Although we're both vaccinated and we still wear masks in public, we don't feel comfortable spending a couple of hours in a cinema showroom. The idea just doesn't appeal to us.

Living in Georgia, we find ourselves surrounded by people who - for whatever reason - are vaccine-reluctant. And I'm not going to mock or ridicule them. While many of them have concerns I don't agree with, it's still their decision to take that step and get vaccinated. Georgia has one of the lower vaccination and one of the higher hospitalization rates, and that's not likely to change any time soon.

So we continue to stay home as much as possible, or to limit our time spent indoors when we go shopping. Most of our time away from home is spent at nearby parks where people give each other plenty of space.

Although we signed up for Disney+ earlier this year we only did that to watch a few shows. We've cancelled the subscription. It's not worth it to us to spend $30 to watch a new movie at home.

We've also cancelled subscriptions to Netflix and a few other channels. We'll resubscribe once in a while as we find reasons to.
I was never a regular theatre-goer, but I'm thinking I'll go this week to watch the new Shang-Chi movie. They require proof of vaccination to enter, so it's a bit safer than just opening the doors to everyone. So, I'm not particularly worried about catching covid there. My biggest worry is that it will be hard to keep a mask on for a couple of hours. I usually only need to wear one for 15 or 20 minutes at most, and even that gets pretty moist under the mask.
I'd love to see that movie in the cinema.

To be honest, although I'm not considered auto-immune compromised, I do have a weakened immune system. I catch respiratory infections almost at the drop of a hat. So I need to be careful.

Being vaccinated doesn't make us impervious to disease - it just allows our bodies to fight it off more effectively. And the vaccines have proven themselves to be highly effective, even in vaccine-hesitat communities like my own. But a close friend of mine who, like me, is fully vaccinated, is just now recovering from Covid-19. He was laid low for over a week and he did not have an easy time.

I'm sure he would not have made it had he not been vaccinated.

So I'm still waiting for the pandemic to subside. Probably won't happen until sometime next year. At least not where I live.
It's not subsiding here either. After a year and a half, people are running out of patience. The group that wants to act like covid-19 isn't a problem is by far the most vocal, but the silent majority is seething more and more as they see the first group as being the cause of the current problem. It could get ugly when the majority finally loses its cool.
Well, as we now head into flu season I think all bets are off. Epidemiologists are saying (more often) that the virus will always be with us. And while the 1918 flu strain eventually weakened (or we eventually strengthened our immunity to it), I don't think its legacy matches what we're facing with Covid-19.

While 5 million people (and counting) have died from this virus, Long Covid appears to be hanging around for many millions more. They're less able to work than before becoming ill. We'll have to deal with the economic and healthcare consequences of this pandemic for many years to come.

And here is a sad example. One of my friends has a friend whose lungs were damaged. She's struggling to raise money she needs to pay for oxygen. This is a link to her GoFundme page:


I gave what I could and I think I'll make another donation soon. But how many other people now find themselves in this situation?
I have gone to movie theaters starting when the Jungle Cruise came out.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
According to the local media, more people in Georgia are now vaccinated but it sounds like a 4th wave is brewing in Europe and in the northern United States. It's probably only a matter of time before it spreads farther.

Two of my vaccinated friends came down with breakthrough infections. Neither had to be hospitalized, and I'm glad they were able to get through it without severe treatment. But both said it was no picnic, and it's worse than any flu they've ever suffered.

So, while I'm not exactly living under a rock, I haven't yet gotten my booster. Hope to do that this week. But I suspect it will be next Spring before I am ready to head back into a crowded cinema.

I hope everyone who decides to take in a movie this fall and winter does so without any consequences.
I saw Shang-Chi and the latest Bond movies in theaters, but I waited until near the end of each movie's run before going. I was the only person watching Shang-Chi, and there were maybe a dozen people with me watching Bond spread throughout the seats. So, if you're worried about being packed in with the masses but really want to watch on the big screen, you might try what I did.
That's a good idea. I'll keep that in mind. But now I've gotten out of the habit of waiting for movies to come out, I'll have to start looking at the release schedules again.
For what it's worth, I got a booster shot this week. That gives me a little more confidence about going out to cinemas in the next few weeks or months.

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