An Agreement with Aliens
A small town lost many citizens to alien abductions, so the town leaders intervened to make a deal with the aliens. It was more like a deal with the devil. In exchange for giving up one child a year to the aliens, the aliens would provide any medicine needed to keep everyone else in the town healthy.

No relevant articles. Just pure fiction.
What would such aliens do with their abductees or sacrifices?

I've never been wholly satisfied by stories that try to answer such questions.
I don't know. I just modeled this after the short story "The Lottery."
That's a depressing story! But it's an interesting twist.

Maybe these aliens would be farming humans, perhaps milking them for something not so obvious in your seed idea. As I think about this, I'd say the opportunity for a writer is to explain WHY the arrangement is necessary. The arrangement itself is just a way to get the story moving.

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