Overlapping Dimensions Explain Dark Matter
Six dimensions with a tiny overlap account for dark matter. The fractional overlap permits a particle's mass from an adjacent universe to be experienced in our universe through gravity but nothing else comes through to our side.

The selective overlap mediates between two universes. Can we widen the gap so more can come through from the other universe?  We don't yet know.

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So many years ago I wondered if a weird concept might be possible. It would be IMpossible to prove it (by current science), so far as I can determine. This was an idea I wanted to use for multi-universe stories (that I never ended up writing).

Imagine that every particle in the universe is composed of sub-particles that are not "in the universe". That is, each particle is assembled in a sort of machine-like transient state fashion. Our Time and Space (or Space-Time) only exists when the particles are assembled for that Space-Time. They come together briefly and then separate, but join with other sub-particles to form a different Space-Time state.

Each Space-Time is unaware of (and unable to observe) the others. But maybe there is a way to infer the presence of the sub-particles and thus deduce what is happening.

In which case, what happens if you can shift your constituent particles into another Space-Time state? You're basically sliding into another universe.

Which leads to the problem I could never solve: how would all the particles in each universe re-assemble themselves correctly at the same time? (so to speak)

Well, this Dark Matter theory kind of solves that problem. Some particles might not completely reassemble correctly every time. In fact, most particles would not reassemble correctly - so there should be a lot of random weirdness.

I came up with that idea in the 1980s. I only just now thought about tying it to Dark Matter.
I am glad this idea was able to help. I hope you can now write a multi-verse story or two.
"Virtual particles", a settled part of quantum physics, sounds like a related idea. Pairs of particles and antiparticles pop into existence and then annihilate each other continually in every cubic centimeter of space. That was a fact that led Dr. Hawking to abandon the idea that quantum black holes exist, as they would 'evaporate' by capturing antiparticles formed near the event horizon while real particles escape and carry away the black hole's mass, rapidly and violently as the qbh gets smaller. Who knows but that "virtual particles" could turn out to be some manifestation of a spatial dimensional weirdness yet to be characterized or experimentally verified?
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I was recently reading about "exotic particles", which form near black holes in the swirling seas of matter that gradually fall into them (or end up being blasted away). What if dark matter comes from those seas of exotic particles? They're only supposed to exist for short periods of time, but who knows what that stuff could be? Maybe some exotic particles stabilize to become dark matter.

So this multidimensional idea could be used to speculate about exotic forms of life, too. What would a 6-dimensional dark matter creature be like?

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