Science hero dies

Excuse the racism and old fashioned stereotyping, but How is it possible for black people to be bad at math if most of them have natural rhythm?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I know your question is rhetorical.

And, of course, the sad answer is that our educational system deprives children in poor communities of the opportunities and benefits that children in wealthy neighborhoods enjoy. Some of that systemic denial is intentional, but much of it is driven by what I guess we could call "selfish socialism".

Public education is paid for by taxes. A significant portion of the tax money directed at wealthier districts and neighborhoods. That's intentional and a result of voting patterns. Conservative politicians have been very successful - in some states - in drawing voting district maps that favor their political goals. Of course, the same is true for liberal politicians in other states.

But even in heavily populated, left-leaning states, a lot of the educational funding seems to end up favoring schools in or near wealthier neighborhoods. It just happens. We need to improve our socialism rather than demonize it and blame it for society's problems. The best solution is not to take away from the school districts that are doing well, but to give more to the school districts that need more money.

And that requires more taxes, which are difficult to enact into law.

All that aside, reading that obituary, I think Bob Moses had a remarkable career and he was a very brave man. May he rest in peace, and may his family look on his achievements with pride for many generations.

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