Top 5 Time Travel Movies : All Science Fiction Lovers Should Watch
Do the hair-raising plots of time travel movies fascinate you? Did the incidents of the future, and travel back to the past ever captivate you? Yes, millions like you love watching time travel movies on-screen but scratch their head while understanding the complex storylines and astonishing plot twists of sci-fi movies.
How many basic time travel plots are there?

Not sure I've ever seen anyone count them, although it's most likely been done.

1. Protagonist travels into the future and then comes back to change it by altering a present-day course of action.

2. Protagonist travels into the past and changes it, altering the present-day.

3. Protagonist travels into the past to undo a change someone else has wrought.

4. Protagonist travels into the future (basically 1-way trip).

5. Protagonist travels into the past and gets stuck there (basically preserving the timeline).

6. Protagonist travels between "alternate timelines".

7. Protagonist travels into the past, changes nothing, but learns something that helps him/her make a critical decision/choice in the present-day.

Any others?
The tv series of 12 Monkeys is worth a watch if you're into the time travel stuff, plus its got all that lockdown virus stuff happening also

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