Futuristic Craft Spotted at China's "Area 51"
Aircraft with amazing abilities in acceleration, turning, and disappearing have been spotted in what is being called the "Area 51" of China. China may have obtained alien craft. The US was long expected of housing alien aircraft in Area 51 but it was not true.

If so, China will have a distinct advantage in aerial warfare as well as in space flight as they build their own space station. This fact alone could tip the future distinctly in China's favor.

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For decades American audiences have been reading stories or watching TV/movie productions where the USA benefits from alien technology. We rarely see stories where a global rival benefits from the technology instead of the USA.

We might actually have real-life examples of Chinese and Russian superiority in technology. The Russian example is their claimed hypersonic missile technology. I believe the western militaries are taking it seriously.

But China has apparently engineered real quantum communications, and they've been testing it with a satellite for years.

LINK: China Reaches New Milestone in Space-Based Quantum Communications

When scaled up sufficiently, this technology would give any country real-time telemetry over vast distances.

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