Oort Cloud Hides Alien Ships and Artifacts
Many items headed toward our solar system never made it because they collide with some of the millions of ice chunks in the surrounding Oort Cloud.

A mission to the massive Oort Cloud has been cataloging all the artifacts from other systems and galaxies that have been caught in this protective layer for our solar system. The mission has just found two damaged alien spaceships that did not successfully navigate their way through.

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What would it take to explore the Oort Cloud? I don't think we're explored the requirements for such a massive mapping operation (in fiction). Usually you get something like 1 ship or 1 satellite that does all the mapping. That would be some advanced technology indeed.

I imagine we'd have to pass through intermediate stages of sending probes throughout the cloud, gradually improving the scanning, data storage, and analysis technologies. And then you need new propulsion systems, probably several types of AI to help manage all the sub-systems, sophisticated fuel and engineering systems, and more.

So just getting to the point where we could explore the Oort Cloud with a chance of finding alien artifacts (ships or whatever) would be an adventure of several lifetimes, I think.

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