Michael's thoughts on LOKI
Well, we finally decided to sign up for Disney+. I have my reservations but I guess now I can watch Wandavision if I find time to get into it.

Meanwhile, my wife and I watched the first episode of LOKI (or is that Loki?).

It was different.

I don't know enough about the Marvel comic book universe(s) any more to know if the show is introducing new ideas or adapting things from the comics.

I do think it's interesting that Disney+ doesn't seem to carry Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - which, if it's available over the service, seems to be well-hidden.

I bring up that TV show because Loki is billed as part of the MCU. So is Wandavision, and apparently a few other shows are.

So Loki has been scooped up by the Temporal Hacking Authority (or something), a sort of Timecoppian-oversight agency that protects "the Sacred Timeline" against hacking (well, they call them variations but it looks like temporal hacking to me).

That is, after Loki escaped from Stark Tower in 2012 (ala the bizarro scene in Avengers: Endgame where we learned that Tony Stark wears Axe body spray when he's buzzing around the planet as Iron Man), he fell into the hands of the TVA (not the Tennessee Valley Authority, although I suppose that is possible in an alternate timeline).

These TVA folks are not to be trifled with. They have skills and tools that make them superior to everyone but their bosses - the Time Lords, or Time Gods, or Time Trio (something). Loki quickly discovers to his dismay that everything he thought was powerful and worthwhile in his universe is not really.

And because he's been so evil, he's not worth saving. The TVA judge is about to condemn him to a weird sort of death (he won't really die - just the Variant of Loki whom they've captured) - when Owen Wilson steps in to requisition him for a secret purpose.

Mayhem ensues as Loki tries to escape the TVA. Things finally calm down and he experiences a transformative moment of introspection (I'm trying not to give away all the secrets here).

We finally learn at the end of the episode what makes this variant of Loki so special. And then it ends on a sort of cliff-hanger.

I'm not sure about my wife, yet, but I guess I'll keep watching. But this is a very different show. It rolls out a fair number of comic book tropes (in that things happen quickly against a rather expansive background).

There are people who take great delight in picking out CGI special effects from TV shows, whereas others will want to ignore the flaws in the illusion to follow the story. The thing is, I'm not sure if some of the odd appearance of the sets isn't intentional. It creates a sort of etherealness, or other dimensionalness, that seems intentional to me.

I'm pretty sure we'll be spending less time outside of Time and more time inside alternate Time(lines). But they still have to explain a number of things.

And I'll leave it there.
So we watched the 2nd episode of Loki.

It feels like we're still heavily into setup because we're both having trouble following the story. I mean, the story thus far has been, "A Loki variant is stuck with the TVA - fighting for his existence - trying to help track down another Loki variant."

So that's simple enough. But there is so much entendre in the episode that we're not really sure of who is up to what.

And the reveal at the end was kind of weird. I'm sure there's an in-story logical explanation for it, but I have no real guesses as to what is going on.

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