Berenstain Bears Mandala conspiracy
What is this all old thing about ?
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The Mandela Effect, so-named for a common shared (but false) belief or memory of an event that never happened. Some people believe Nelson Mandela (the South African activist who went to prison but eventually became President after being released) died in prison. They strongly feel they remember reading about him dying in prison.

While anyone can have false memories, the Mandela Effect is about a group of people sharing a false memory.

I don't really believe it's shared between people, but supposedly a few people argue this "shared (false) memory" is really an indication that a group of people have shifted somehow from an alternate universe.

And from what I could find about the Berenstain Bears, I guess some people believe the characters were originally named Berenstein Bears. I tend to favor the idea that people mistake mis-spellings of the name for legitimate spellings.

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