Tumblr blog trolls Tolkien fans
This image was posted to an online Tolkien discussion group a couple of days ago. It immediately sparked a lively response from fans. Some were offended, some were passionate about proving there are bees and honey in Middle-earth.

Alas! None of them noticed it was all a joke. There is no Tolkien Historical Society. And given how many random fans were able to recall passages from the books that mention bees or honey, it seems preposterous a group of scholars would spend 6 hours arguing about the topic.

Also, the poster implies that (s)he is a Tolkien scholar, too - and yet doesn't know how to hyphenate Middle-earth.

And, for what it's worth, a mead hall wasn't specially designated for the drinking of mead. It was where the lord lived with his family. For that matter, I don't believe Tolken ever used the phrase "mead hall" in his Middle-earth stories.

Some joke. Beorn and his honey and beekeeping should have shut this one down instantly, by itself.
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Who cares ? The joke was lame.
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