What is the first thing you do?
So asking for a friend, but what is the first thing you do once you find yourself in a different time from the one you left. More exactly once you realize you are in a time/ era that pre-dates your existence?
I love time travel stories and I wonder how I would tell the tale (or live it) myself. I also like "oops, found myself in an alternate reality" stories.

I think the first thing I would try to do is see if I have a way back. However, assuming I knew I had a way back to begin with, I think I'd try to determine if I can get food, shelter, and clean water.

But maybe some people would go frollicking across the countryside without a care in the world, realizing too late they might need to take care of survival.

It's an engrossing question.
I thought of that, but thank you anyway. But for clarification's purpose, either by means of supernatural or extraterrestrial means, you find yourself back in time (pick century, and I'll pick a spot... Jimmy Buffet) with no way back. What then? I figure if it happened to me, I would find out the date, place then the basics; food, water, and shelter. But after that, find a job, make bets on upcoming sporting events (No Marty! Bad Marty!). I mean everyone will look at it as a chance to change history. But there are some who believe you shouldn't, that even being somewhere or some time you did not exist before is already changing the timeline of history. Then is our view of time travel skewed? We haven't tried it before (that we know of) so where is our understanding of such things?
I don't know if I would try to change history. I think I'd be more interested in starting a hidden history, one that shouldn't lead to my non-existence.

On the other hand, if you don't want to be stuck in the past and can figure out what events led to your being sent there. you might be able to try and change someoe else's past so you don't get the option. But leave yourself a message explaining what happened. That goes well beyond "first thing" to me.

I'd try not to change history too much. There's no knowing how much worse things could get.

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