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I have fallen behind. Mostly because I just don't like BREED TO COME. Can I skip to the next book?

MOON CALLED by Andre Norton finished 3/7/2021

I have a print of the frontispiece art on the wall above my computer.

This is the story of a young woman with a gem stone (moonstone?) of power in a world that has fallen back to a Feudal state from what was (perhaps) more advanced. But still there are things of "the dark" happening.
Thora had been a novice in a cult that worshiped "The Lady", and was away from The Craigs when it was overrun, and sacked by pirates. In a world with spears, knives and swords, she has since traveled on her own with a Dog as her companion. Killing to stay alive, hardening herself to a life in the wild, and avoiding Traders, who might take slaves, and avoiding any building that might be a temptation. She comes across what must be a Trader's rest stop, and her dog urges her within, where she encounters a being who is sick and probably dying. Bringing the creature (possibly a tailless cat, or a clawed ape), away and nursing it to health, starts the adventure.

I don't know if it was just Andre Norton, but the ending is not the standard Fantasy ending.

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