Gehenna a real physical place in Israel?
It means hell in Hebrew. Is it a physical place in Israel? Could it be a place where it burns eternal like a oil field?
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I don't think it's a literal word for "hell" (but I'm not an expert in Hebrew by any means).

The valley of Hinnom is mentioned in several Old Testament books including Joshua, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles. Nehemiah, and Jeremiah.


Several of the books say that people sacrificed their children to Molek or worshipped Baal there. Any association with hellfire would be a figurative allusion to that history.
The valley of Hinnom in Jerusalem to the southwest of the Temple Mount (joined in the south at the base of the hill by the Kidron valley to the east) was used in the days of the early, "wicked", kings of Judah for child sacrifices by fire to Canaanite gods. The Phoenicians and especially the Carthaginians were said to be especially dedicated to this sort of rites. "Molech" is thought by scholars now not to be an actual deity but a word for the type of altar where this was done. The valley was also called "Tophet".

After the reforms of Josiah, and the return from exile, the place was used as a garbage dump that was perpetually smouldering and burning. Jesus and other teachers of his time used the image of burning smouldering Ge'Hinnom as an illustration of what the afterlife holds for the wicked, which resulted in "Gehenna" and "Tophet" being used as alternate names for hell.
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