Make your password safer
It's a good idea to have a longer, and more complex password. 

Up till yesterday, mine was 5 letters, assigned to me by one of the earliest moderators. 

Here's how to do it. 
Up near the top is a line that either says   Welcome back, yourname, or  Welcome guest. 
right under that is    User CP,. Scroll down a bit, and you will see change password in the left most column. 
The new password requires at least 12 characters.  I suggest a mix of numbers, letters, caps and special character. 

Unfortunately this means that I have a "standard" base - stored among my Andre Norton books, and a special additional password, which is stored in a tiny notebook, with "std" to hold the place of the base. 
My forums.sf-fandom password was the last that didn't pass that ruling. 

PS: the worst password to loose is your email password, as you probably have that as your ID for most of your applications.

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