Ali Pourahmad directed an amazing sci fi film called Aliens Reaction
[Image: Ali_Pourahmad_sci_fi_film_directors_John...i_2021.jpg]
Sci fi film director Ali Pourahmad directed a great sci fi film called Aliens Reaction. The movie is produced by Ali Pourahmad and Caitlin Burt in Seattle, Washington. This is a film about aliens attack and destroying cities.
Movie title: Aliens Reaction
IMDb page: Link of film on IMDB
Director: Ali Pourahmad
Producers: Ali Pourahmad and Caitlin Burt
Screenplay: Ali Pourahmad
Animation and visual effects supervisor: Ali Pourahmad
Release date: 2021
Film location: Seattle, Washington
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_10.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_11.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_13.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...7.jpghttp:]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_06.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_01.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_02.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_03.jpg]
[Image: Sci_fi_film_Aliens_Reaction_Director_Ali...mad_05.jpg]

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