Colorized Movie - "The Phantom Planet"
I love colorized movies, despite their imperfections. Some colorizations were better than others, but the process is not perfect. I watched many of these movies as a kid in black and white television. I hated the format even when I was young.

Watch THE PHANTOM PLANET (1961) Dean Fredericks Coleen Gray - Colorized from YouTube
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This movie was one of my favorites in the 1960s. It wasn't very good but it was better than a lot of the low end science fiction movies you could watch on TV. The colorization in this adaptation is not a good example of how well the process can be done, but reminds me of how many early movies that were filmed in color were unable to maintain their proper colors. You had to get used to that bad coloring tint for many years on television.

This video is the full movie and there is no guarantee that YouTube will leave it in place.

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