Stargate Atlantis
Even tho it's in part a Canadian production and the Canadian flag is on the shoulders of the Canadian members, I think it's anti-Canadian because of its offensive and unacceptable anti-Canadian remarks, which are probably because of the fact that many American actors resent Canadian actors because there's so many of them in Hollywood, and they feel they take away jobs from Americans. I stopped watching the show last year for this and other reasons.
I've never watched the show, so I don't know what remarks you're talking about, but I doubt there was much anti-Canadian sentiment around. As far as I know, SG-1 was always filmed in Vancouver, and by the time Atlantis came around, it had been in town for something like 7 years already. Off the top of my head, of the main cast and frequent recurring cast on SG-1, the majority were Canadian, and virtually all the producers were. Maybe Atlantis aimed to be a more 'American' show, and I guess as far as the main cast went, it was. But I doubt there was much malice intended in the jabs.

Although, to be honest, I'm Canadian and I've got pretty high anti-Canadian sentiment these days. I used to be sensitive to jokes at the expense of Canada, and that sort of thing, but I don't really care anymore. Having said that, I totally understand not watching something anymore if you disagree with it and it annoys you.
Well, jabs are always intended with malice by definition. There are ways of teasing which are inoffensive. There was nothing inoffensive about the  comments they made about Canada and Canadians.
More importantly, I think 99% of the crew were Canadian. So even if two American actors said something on screen, they were saying it to 50 Canadians, including the film editor, who could easily cut it out.

Even more significantly, actors don't get to write their own dialogue, especially in quickly-filmed shows. If someone wanted to look up the heritage of the many writers, one could, I guess. My guess is that whatever jokes there might have been were inside jokes among the cast and crew, who accepted them as innocuous. They all cashed their checks for this show long ago, so boycott away, but it's like if one lumberjack cuts down a tree in the forests of Vancouver 15 years ago and no one is there to be offended by it, did it even happen?
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They weren't jokes, they were jabs, and I'm not boycotting it, I'm just not watching it, and it's more than just the anti-Canadianism. The show has been cancelled for several years but is rerun on CTV Sci-Fi.
I love the show. And I'm sorry to see that it offends you. Obviously, one should not watch a show that upsets them.

I know a few Canadians and none of them have said anything about this. I don't know why the showrunners would allow something like that to happen. But given that so much time has passed, I suspect if they were to renew the show or come up with a similar concept, such commentary by the characters would probably not be allowed.

Times have changed.

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