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I'm about half way. this is NOT the easiest book to read. It's a mix of fantasy, and (perhaps) romance novel.

However, the protagonist is a woman who is acting as a librarian in a small town, someplace (Baltimore? ) so, that part is "write what you know".
This is either a pretty bad Romance novel with fantasy elements, or a Fantasy novel.

I'll assume that the Romance Novel was not the purpose. Note: I have not yet read the review on the TOR site.

So, this is a Fantasy Novel. A young(ish) woman, living alone at the edge of town. Working as a Librarian, without the college degree, but with good research skills. Meets the mysterious woman who's family owns the mansion just outside of town. The house has stood there forever, or certainly before the town existed in1730. The house is a treasure trove of items that were brought back to the house by generations of travelers. And the heroine, Gwennan, is flattered. But, Lady Lyle is old, and tired.

Oh, just for fun, there is a trio of standing stones on a small rise on the mansions property. There is also a woods that is dark and scary. Both, just a walk away from Gwennan's house

But there is a new Lyle in town, the young Tor, and he is evil. Or at least he seems so.

So, with the aide of a watch like necklace, that is mysteriously left inside her locked house, Gwennan opens doors, gates and stones, and follows down dark passages until she reaches the end.

This is not one of the Norton books that I read often. In fact it had been so long that I remembered almost nothing of the plot when I picked it up again. I doubt that I will re-read it any time soon.

Following link to the TOR site review now.

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