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In 2004 while researching Andre and her work I became acquainted with a big fella from Louisiana who taught me a lot about collecting Andre Norton books. He was a good friend of Andre’s and was instrumental in changing my Norton collection (from just paperbacks) by convincing me to including hard-covers and documents and he helped me do it. He was such a friend of Andre's she included a short story by him in the fifth installment of her Catfantastic books. On August 17th 2018 late in the night he passed away due to cancer. And so today I post this story in honor of Paul Goode, may he rest in peace.

A Cats Tale by Paul Goode - 1999
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Thank you.
Nice twist at the end of the story.

Paul was an incredibly nice guy. He was as warm in person as he was here in the forums. We miss him.

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