First let me say that I don't love these books. Could be that this is another case of co-authored books being written by someone else & then final edited by Andre Norton.

That being said, this is probably the best of the lot. The Science Fiction feels better. The premise of a winged menace is pretty good, and the idea that some of the cats are having problems adjusting works. In fact, I didn't remember the story (geting confused in my head between winged cats (BROTHER TO SHADOWS?) and cats that have fingers - Eet) 

Now that they have the metal to keep the machines going, the Ka'ats feel that they can look for that last lost colony. So off everyone goes. What do they find but a planet where the bugs are giants.  Darning needles the size of the shuttle ship. 

I keep having to remind myself that Elly Mae and Jim are about 6 and 8 respectively.  I also need to ignore the accent for Elly that annoys me.  At least in this book, the kids have leggings to go with their tunics, but they complain that these are short. Oh well, at least they seem to have real boots (at least in the illustration). 

But there is still no thought to people left behind, no thought to the fact that they will grow to adult height, and at some point soon, sharing a room, might not be good for them.  Also, with the relative ages of Old cats (even if Ka'ats get to be twice as old), at some point Elly and Jim will be the senior residents of the Ka'at World.  Then again, children readers won't think of that. 

this book may be harder to find than the others, as it never came out in paper. 

For fun, I think I'll read THE DAY OF THE NESS. No orphans.
This is one of the few Andre Norton books I don't have a copy of, because it's so hard to find.  Apparently people didn't like it and not many were bought.  So how is Judith reviewing it?  Have these books been re-released in some form again?
(July 2nd, 2020, 07:12 PM)rkomar Wrote: This is one of the few Andre Norton books I don't have a copy of, because it's so hard to find.  Apparently people didn't like it and not many were bought.  So how is Judith reviewing it?  Have these books been re-released in some form again?

All 4 Star Ka'at books were rereleased as ebooks in 2017 and just recently in a tradepaper omnibus called "Star Ka'ats".
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
I just checked amazon and ebay. Each have copies for sale. Looks like there was a 1980 reprint.
Prices are from $8 to an amazing $190.

Thank you Jay. I wonder if I will NEED to purchase that collected addition.

The book was first printed in 1981, and I also have a 1984 .
My first printing has the white jacket & light grey boards & the second printing has dark grey boards.
Thanks for pointing out the new releases. I couldn't find the ebooks at google play or kobo, but I do see the copies of the trade paperback omnibus edition on abebooks. I'm thinking it's a bit too much money just to read the Winged Warriors volume (I have the other three in the boxed set). If the ebook shows up some day, I'll buy it then.
There is that one $8 copy on ABE books. If that is in your price range.
I don't remember seeing it, but maybe it was further down the list because of the shipping cost. I live in Canada, and some of the shipping fees from outside of the country are many times the price of the book. Perhaps the vendors that refuse to ship outside of the country are removed from the list shown to me.
Sorry it was on ebay. [I could have sworn it was in both places.... blaming "quarantine brain"]

There are a couple on ABE books also.

If you just want to read it, contact your local library, maybe they can find a copy and do an inter-library loan.
Huh! I had no idea that some booksellers are on ebay but not on ABE books. Thanks for pointing that out. I put in the order for the cheapest one; as long as I can read it I'll be happy.
My copy came in, and it looks pretty good! It's a library copy, so it has the card pocket glued into it, a little markup, and some stuff taped to the cover. Other than that, it's in great shape, so I should be able to read it without problems. Thanks again for pointing me to the ebay list.
For my "reading" copies, rather than my "collection" copies, I like library books. The pocket makes a great place to put my book mark.
Is the stuff "taped to the cover" taped directly on the book, on a dust jacket or (best) on the dust jacket protector.

Since put all of my dust jackets, into protectors (from Brodart company), I often loose the library markings from the outside of the library-dust jacket protector.

I have one book in my "collection" that is X-library, and without a dust jacket. [You try to find a pristine copy of THE PRINCE COMMANDS]. I managed to get a photocopy of the dust jacket, and have that in a protector, and on the book.

I also have reading X-library copies without dust jacket. It appears that I've covered 3/5 with the clear parts of a dust jacket protector. Maybe I'll photocopy the jackets of the books in my collection, mark them "Facsimile", and protect those 5 books on my reading shelf.

So if your book doesn't have a dust jacket. I'm willing to make a scan and send it out.
Thanks for the offer! The book has a dust jacket, though. The library put clear plastic over the jacket first before applying any taped on library stickers to the outside. I was able to get the tape off of the plastic without damaging anything, and the plastic kept the jacket in very good shape. I'm grateful for the efforts librarians went to back then to protect the books.

The book pocket only has two time stamps ('83 and '84), so I don't think the book was handled much. It was in a high school library, so the students were probably too old to want to read it.
Agreed. The rule is that children only read about other children who are about their age, or a bit older.
there are exceptions to that rule, but not many.

I'm glad that this worked for you.

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