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Judith seems to like these books. Sadly, I'm finding them boring. Still it's only 122 pages, so I'll forge on.

The thing that I find most annoying is that Ka'ats are having troubles, the machines that they use, and have machines that build, are starting to wear out. (Metal fatigue), and they don't have raw materials. so, they are an advanced civilization, with space flight, but haven't solved the mysteries of how the Humanoid people got metal. Only these two children can control the machines using hand controls (Solved in the 4th book as I remember), and the Ka'ats have forgotten that Jim and Ellie Mae (two years younger) are still growing. They are going to need bigger everything in a couple of years.

Already the children cannot fit into spaces that Ka'ats can, they don't fit some of the seats. Some of the "People" things require pressing buttons (which cats can do), though I like the tablet that Jim has found with a stylus. For 1970's this is pretty advanced, though I keep thinking of it as a fancy "etch a sketch".

But already, the children grow and change. Ellie has different interests from Jim. she's still a couple of years younger. I'm glad that they never chose to extend the series. what a couple of years would do to this world, perhaps changing Ellie Mae & Jim from pets, to members?

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