Goblins and house elves
Are they the same species ?
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It is my understanding that they were supposed to be related in some way, but not the same species.

J.K. Rowling plays a little loosely with the idea of speciation. After all, Hagrid was a half-giant and one might think the giants couldn't have children with humans.
I think that Goblins and House elves are different species. Certainly they fill different niches in the magical world.

Goblins, seems to be in the "everyday" world as bankers and accountants. But many magical items, like the Sword of Gryphendore, are goblin made. I think of them as being related to the Dwarves of many mythologies. The "accountant" part could be an unconscious part by JKR, as a sort of put-down.

House Elves are more like the brownies of the mythology I'm used to. Tied to their dwellings.
I'm thinking that magical sentient species can have children with other sentient species. BUT, mostly, Why would they want to?
They're definitely different species.

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