Avengers Endgame - What Happened to Red Skull?
At the beginning of Avengers: Endgame we learn that Thanos has used the Infinity Stones to destroy themselves.

Well, we know the Red Skull had been imprisoned on Vormir, enslaved to the Soul Stone. Since the Soul Stone had been destroyed, what happened to the Red Skull?

Did he die or was he freed?

In the comic books Red Skull keeps coming back no matter how often he seems to be killed off.

So even though we see the Red Skull in in the movie, it's 9 years in the past before the Soul Stone has been destroyed (4 years later). That's the last we see of him.

Thanos of course chases the Infinity Stones through time to capture them and set his new plan into motion (simply remake a happy universe he believes won't try to undo his plan B). He takes Gamorra with him and Tony Stark eventually uses the stones to destroy Thanos and his army.

So that means Gamorra doesn't have to die after all although Steve Rogers takes the stone back to Vormir.

Did he meet the Red Skull there?

Did the Red Skull read his mind and learn about Thanos' destruction?

But wait - if Thanos was destroyed before he could destroy the Infinity Stones that means the Soul Stone was never destroyed and therefore the Red Skull wasn't freed.

Except if the Infinity Stones weren't destroyed then there would be no need to go back in time and retrieve them.

A lot of people have already commented on the apparent paradoxes in the movie. The Ancient One's prediction that the timeline was altered and would spin off one or more alternate timelines apparently came true. Disney is even spinning off a streaming TV show starring Loki.

So is there a version of Red Skull out there now freed from enslavement to the Infinity Stones?

Or would the Infinity Stones try to preserve the timeline by destroying themselves at the appropriate moment (perhaps even enacting Thanos' finger snap) to preserve or restore the original timeline so that there would actually be people for the Hulk to bring back?
This pre-Endgame video reveals that the Russo brothers said Red Skull "survived the snap" (in Avengers: Infinity War) and was free to leave Vormir. Of course, there was no hint of that in Avengers: Endagame.

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