Did Elrond Ever Visit His Brother Elros in Númenór?
Michael addressed this question in the Middle-Earth blog 5 yrs ago, to which article comments are long closed. Being the stinker I am, I decided to revive and flog it in a thread here!

I took an interest in this issue in part because I’ve posted a fanfic in which Elrond does so, and furthermore indicates that he did so a number of times over Elros’ reign.
If that’s the case, Elros and Elrond doubtless IMO not only attended his court and circle of counselors (and scholars as well?), but probably went up into the hills behind his villa over Andúnië to target practice with their Uzis!

Michael, not to put too fine a point on it, says no.

Michael makes the following arguments (The reader can of course read the blog post and judge whether I fairly represented his points):

JRRT never wrote about it.
So stipulated. But, can we rule it out or render it so unlikely it could not have happened? I.e. are we logically documentarily barred from invoking the Uzi rule? I doubt it.
Círdan stopped ferrying Men to Númenór after 50 years.
Relevance? Why is it not possible Círdan could have provided ships and crew for the express purpose of taking Elrond (and perhaps other envoys as well) to Númenór after the ferrying period ended?

Númenóreans did not achieve the passage back to Middle-Earth for a century & a half after Elros’ death (SA 600).
Stipulated; the operation would have depended on the use of quite capable Elven ships and mariners. Those existed at Lindon and in Aman.

Círdan’s ships sent to ferry Elves to Aman never returned during the Second Age.
Why not? Again, leaving aside the question of whether that was strictly true before the Downfall (Late in life JRRT did indeed apparently decide Glorfindel, at least, took ship from Aman to Lindon during the Second Age, possibly by way of a stopover in Númenór, but of course he was a special case, cf. HoME 12 “Glorfindel II”), is there some reason Elrond had to rely on those ships sent to ferry Men to Númenór and/or Elves to Aman, and could not have been provided ships and crews solely for his own visit(s) to his brother’s court? Even if we stipulate that nearly all Elves who sailed to Aman did so invoking their right to Depart to the Undying Lands and therefore were permanently weary of Middle-Earth and would never return even while it was possible, it doesn’t IMO rule out the possibility of sailing back and forth for other purposes that seemed good to Elves of Lindon and Aman.

The Palantíri weren’t around yet, and there was no other exotic means in place for long-distance communication.
Stipulated. Nonetheless, we know that travel by ship was possible and IMO could not be logically rigorously ruled out, and besides, the question as reported specified “visited”, not “communicated with”. (Surely, if Elrond indeed never visited, they would have exchanged a letter or 2 by the arduous and complex means Michael posited.)

Now that I’ve established possibility, and with it means and opportunity, let’s address motive.

One is obvious, of course. Furthermore, Elrond was not only the High King’s brother, he was also the herald, the chief diplomat, of Gil-Galad in Lindon. Apart from Valinor, despite Númenór’s current state of near-isolation from Middle-Earth, is there any reason Gil-Galad would not wish to stay in some degree of contact with Númenór, perhaps even to the extent of visits by the kingdon’s herald? Granted Gil-Galad wouldn’t have much hard diplomatic business to transact. Even his concern over the worrisome developments in the East hadn’t risen to the level of needing to be expressed until well after the Númenóreans' returned to Middle-Earth with Vëantur’s voyage, when the young adult Aldarion visited. Nonetheless, why wouldn’t Lindon wish to stay in touch with Númenór as Aman did in those days?

IMO, the case against Elrond ever visiting his brother on Númenór during his brother’s life is not quite as slam-dunk as Michael made it out back in 2015. I don't think it's impossible or implausible.
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Quote:Círdan’s ships sent to ferry Elves to Aman never returned during the Second Age

Not what I wrote in the blog post.

What I wrote said: "On the other hand, one could guess that Cirdan’s people occasionally sent ships to Aman early in the Second Age, even if they were only 1-way trips (although Tolkien never says return voyages were forbidden). Elrond could conceivably have sent a message to Tol Eressëa with a request that it be sent to Númenor. The Eldar of Tol Eressëa did befriend and tutor the Dúnedain in Númenor."

It's all speculation that is really intended more for fan fiction authors and role-playing gamers.

Canonically, Elrond never saw or communicated with his brother again. But J.R.R. Tolkien had the option of introducing such a meeting into the evolving narrative throughout his life.

I can't rule out the possibility he thought about doing so, but I think he felt it would have undermined the tragedy of their separation a little bit. Elros' choice was final.
Elros was a rather peculiar Tolkien character anyway. He didn't exist at all in the very earliest versions of Silmarillion until (I think) after the time JRRT decided to merge his "Lost Road" and "Silmarillion" universes so that Númenór became part of the post Elder Days world after Morgoth was overthrown and some tangible links were needed. Elros in canon remained somewhat two-dimensional with little said of his life and reign except for his eldest son and heir Vardamir, and Vardamir's younger sibs mentioned in a family tree. Their mother and Elros' spouse is never named or spoken of at all in canon. Eventually it developed that Elros and Elrond were twins; very early versions had Elros as an elder brother. For them to be identical twins IMO even further emphasizes the similarities and differences of Elves and Men their story points up.

I thought Elros' underdevelopment was odd as well as somewhat sad. JRRT seemed to have started to set up a laboratory test case of the dialog between Mannish mortality and Elvish agelessness, but didn't pursue it. Perhaps for Elrond to remain in occasional contact with his brother might undermine the tragedy of their situation, but IMO if anything for Elrond and Elros to visit, and for Elrond to be present when Elros laid down his life, actually emphasized the tragedy at the end when it was time for Elros to accept his Gift at last. The only amelioration IMO then becomes estel that Eru would after the End reunite all those who had been faithful among all kindreds. (This idea I incorporated of "the Fulfillment" was pretty much my invention, not expressed anywhere in canon, of course, just an extrapolation on themes I thought were subtly implied in the stories.) That was the point I had in mind and tried to convey in "The King Receives His Gift".
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I think that there is a plausibility spectrum to consider when the texts are silent upon an issue. At one end of the spectrum is the Uzi argument. Uzis are never mentioned in the text, but additionally the presence of a modern firearm in the milieu is completely implausible. At the other end of the spectrum, consider bathroom habits. AFAIK, no mention is ever made in the texts as to bathroom habits, yet it does not follow that we must assume the denizens of Middle Earth had no need for excretory functions.

In the instant case, we must consider the plausibility of the hypothesis that they never spoke again. There is no obvious reason to assume that it was forbidden or impossible. Perhaps it was the intent of the author to not only have the inevitable parting upon death, but to enforce this parting for the five hundred remaining years of Elros’ life, but I don’t think that’s the only plausible interpretation.
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