I know it's hard to see links in the discussions
When I revised SF-Fandom's look a couple weeks ago I thought I had more leeway about the design. But it's not as simple a task as I thought.

I had to choose a color theme from a dropdown box and Black was the best choice for what I had in mind.

You have to hover your cursor over a link to see the underline appear, so the links appear to be hidden. I'm experimenting as I post comments with ways of making it obvious these are links but so far not having much success.

I'll probably have to change the theme again but am not yet ready to do that.
Interesting. I access exclusively from a tablet, so I’m pretty much never going to see a link unless I happen to tap it. That’s a really weird design feature from the developers.

We appreciate all you do, MM. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a solution that doesn’t require an inordinate amount of work.
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I deliberately made some links visible (changed color) in a recent post after some trial & error, but it's significant extra work.


(1) select and copy the URL the link is to point to
(2) write the text you want to be visible as the link, and select it
(3) Click the "insert link" control.
(4) When it shows the dialog asking for the URL paste the URL you copied (I like to hit "Ctrl-V")
(5) The link will be posted. Look at the source pane, find and select the text in the link code.
(6) Click the "font color" control. Select a color to be distinctive from the normal black (I used dark green). The text within the link code will be enclosed by nested font-color code.
(7) when the post saved or previewed, the link text should show up in the color you selected.

("Should" of course is often a considerably different thing from "does", but I expect it would work for most everybody willing to take the trouble.) Big Grin
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