Apple to buy Disney
Could Apple buy Disney?
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It doesn’t make a lot of sense. The overwhelming majority of mergers occur between companies in the same business. A big part of the logic is that with similar core competencies, the larger organization can cut costs and operate more efficiently than the two could separately. In this case, however, you have two companies in fundamentally different businesses. Post merger synergies are far less obvious.

Since both companies are publicly traded, both sets of shareholders would have to approve any deal. That would be extremely difficult with an outside the box merger like this.

Could Apple put together a large enough pile of capital to buy Disney? Probably. Would they want to? I don’t see it.
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I dunno. Disney might become a cheap buy after this Covid-19 crisis.

So Apple is a communications technology company (mostly, in my opinion). There have been (unsuccessful) communications and media mergers in the past. The most recent example is Verizon acquiring Yahoo, AOL, and I think one other media company. They take huge writedowns.

And AOL merged with Time-Warner about 20 years ago (which proved to be a disaster).

That said, mobile phone users are looking for new content. Apple could jumpstart a media venture by purchasing a company like Disney, which has a huge library of content (TV shows as well as movies). Given the recent launch of Quibi, which produces short content for mobile users as "a network", there might be a market for something like an Apple/Disney merger.

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