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I’m inventing my own: “In the time of isolation” event.
You have all been invited to Irene's “Rockin' Re-Read Convention” 
Go to the books in your home and select one for this reading club: Anyone I know? Bujold? Heyer? Lee & Miller? Norton? Sayers?

[Thanks go to Jerrie who came up with the title.]
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Yesterday, 11:27 PM
I recently read the latest 3 Aunt Dimity mysteries by Nancy Atherton. They are always comforting and fun.

Today I read "Cosmic Balances Inc" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Every Monday she puts up a free short story, but it's only up for a week, before it disappears. Her site is here: I recommend adding it to your reading feed.

This week
I finished CURSE OF CHALLION by Lois McMaster Bujold a few days ago.

Also   PLAN B and I DARE by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.

I read fast.

On the comfy chair right now is PALLADIN OF THE SOUL by Bujold
THE PRINCE COMMANDS by Andre Norton on top of the to-be-read pile.

CURSE OF CHALION by Lois McMaster Bujold is the story of a soldier, Caz. Once the warder of a castle, and commander of soldiers. After the castle/city is ceded to the enemy in a war, he is sent into slavery on a ship with oars.  He committed an infraction and was beaten so soundly, that he was barely conscious for the ships capture, and his removal to a hospital.  Important to the story is the local religion. the celebrate five gods: Four of these have seasons of the year; Daughter, Mother, Son and Father. In Chalion they also pray to the Bastard, the god of things and people out of season, god of children born out of wedlock, in fact god of everything not covered by the other gods.  this is a story of how Caz walk back to Chalion, and into the world he has left, and tries to bring meaning into a life that is apparently god-touched, and not in a way that Caz would wish. 

PALLADIN OF THE SOUL by Lois McMaster Bujold is another story of Chalion, This takes up the story of Ista, once queen in Chalion, then made mad, and now appearing sane, and free to take up her life.  And the life she chooses is not the one that she sees before her. A chance meeting with some pilgrims, gives her the idea to go on a pilgrimage, more as something to do, rather than as a religious need.  Soon she has a cadre of good people around her, and soon she has need of them.
Does anyone want thumbnail reviews?

I've finished PALLADIN, and am half way through THE PRINCE COMMANDS

I was tempted by SMALL KINGDOMS by Charlaine Harris (when I went upstairs to look for something) - and as this a collection of 4 stories (129 pages), I'm done reading. "Anne deWitt runs a tight ship as principal at Travis High School", but she ran a tighter, and more dangerous school at her last job.
I finished THE PRINCE COMMANDS by Andre Norton        
              This was written to be a 'Boy's Book' by Andre Norton , published in 1934.
              It follows a pattern Andre would use in her more mature novels.  Boy of 18, kept isolated for his whole life, if offered a life of adventure with kidnappings, escapes, automobiles, horses, pistols, machine guns and swords.... Lots of swords.

I've started re-reading  GHOST SHIP by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
GHOST SHIP was finished today

I've started to read a collection by Tamora Pierce
I finished TORTAL AND OTHER STORIES by Tamora Pierce
This includes stories that just don't fit into her other Tortal books. Tamora claims to be an author of 4 book trilogies. Or really long single books that wouldn't fit in a single binding. Tortal is a nation of horses and swords. Young men, of good family, who study from age 11 to age 17 to be knights of the realm. There are wizards and healers, fighters, and masters of unarmed combat, people of the desert. Some countries are like ancient Japan, or Egypt. there are places eternally encased in ice, and others where the sun shines every day. There are 5 sets of books about this country. So before you dive into your first quartet , you might want to grab this.

I've started STEADFAST by Mercedes Lackey & pulled down ALANNA by Tamora Pierce
I may pull REBEL SPURS by Andre Norton next.
I've finished
ALANNA (reviewed down below)

GHOST SHIP by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is next to the comfy chair.

STEADFAST by Mercedes Lackey is also finished
For Lackey this is part of disconnected books about the wizards of England. These encompass Air, Earth, Water and Fire at the level of "can see", "Magician" and "Master". The stories occur around the time of before and during World War I. There are people who have wilder talents like hedge-witches, seers, sensitives and people with different mythologies (so India has a different set of wizards.) This is one of the stand alone books.
This specific book is about a young girl who's family are travelers. Her mother is actually a Gypsy, her father is not, they all work as Circus performers. The parents die in a fire that burns their caravan, and the grief stricken girl is married to the circus strong man. She leaves this life, and in her escape is aided by a gypsy family who determine that her life will be in Brighton. In Brighton she finds work as the magicians assistant, and dancer, and catches the eye of a Soldier veteran of the Boer war.
You know, thumb nail reviews would be kind of nice.
I didn't think anyone was reading this... I've finished several books since this... I average a book a day, or at least 3 on a normal week.
I am now reading UNATURAL ISSUE by Mercedes Lackey

by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
First you have to understand that Sharon and Steve are very nice people who occasionally have 'snarky' thoughts. When two of the characters come up with the same mother response of "if all of your friends did it would you also", and respond that there must be a subscription service. Sharon & Steve are both tall people who, amongst other series they have written, write about a population of people who are 5'2" or 5'6" in a universe of very tall people.
Second: Their publisher BAEN Press has the subversive idea that if they give you the first book of the series in ebook form, for free, you will get addicted. In this they are correct.
So, you should start at the beginning. with AGENT OF CHANGE and FLEDGELING (which was my entry point) both of these are free books.

That all being said. These books can stand on their own legs. The clan of people known to the universe as Korval, or Tree and Dragon, have found themselves faced by an enemy, an enemy calling itself "Department Of Interior". This enemy has plotted against the home world, and found Korval in their way. In order to cut off the head of DoI, Korval had fired on the home world, wiping out the organization there, and the weapons DoI activated by cutting a rather large hole in the landmass of the major city in the homeworld, saving untold lives, and causing a thousand year old contract to be made void and the family to be banned from the homeworld. At the same time Theo Waitley (from FLEDGELING) has taken to the stars in a ship of a type not seen for several centuries. This ship, in fact, had shown up on radar occasionally as a ghost ship.
Lee & Miller weave the stories of this family together, as they take up lives on the 'transitional' planet of Surebleak, named by it's bleak weather, Oh cold enough for sweaters in summer [Lee & Miller live in Maine], and the fierce natures of the family members, their lives as traders, wizards, politicians, and above all pilots: for Korval is Pilots.
ALANNA by Tamora Pierce

Tamora wrote this as one, VERY long book for girls. This in an age when books for children couldn't be more than 300 pages, because children don't read books that long. Also Alanna starts the saga as age 11, and well before she is 20 has some very adult relationships.
The first book begins as a tale of two twins. Both raised by benign neglect by their studious father. Both trained by the head man at arms and by the village midwife. Thom takes to the training in simple magic, and Alanna takes to the training in archery and riding. They are about to be sent away to schools, each to one that they will not like. Thom uses Alanna's words to rewrite the letters of introduction so that he goes to the school that will start to teach him wizardry, and the newly named twin, "Alan", will go to the crown city and into knight training. BUT, these are the stories of Alanna, and her training in sword, history, and her life as page, squire and finally knight.
UNNATURAL ISSUE by Mercedes Lackey has been finished.
This is another book in the world where the Magicians of Earth, Air, Water and Fire exist.
Suzanne lives in the mansion owned by her father, but has never met him. Her mother died at her birth and her father renounced her. But she lives, and has found companions in the house staff, and purpose in guarding the land. You see Suzanne is a Mage of the earth. But then her father spots her in the gardens, and his magic has changed, and she flees for her life, into a world about to go to war. (WWI).

At the suggestion on the Andre Norton site, I am now reading PERILOUS DREAMS, a collection of stories about dreamers.
I finished the first of the collected stories in PERILOUS DREAMS and the first book of the WILD MAGIC quartet by Tamora Pierce. I'll review both of these as I finish the collection & the quartet.

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