Virtual: Rockin' Re-Read Convention
DIE LIKE AN EAGLE by Donna Andrews

Just re-read this book. Reviewed November 16th, 2020
GONE GULL by Donna Andrews

Somehow I missed this book in my last re-reading. Blame it on bad shelving.

Meg's grandmother has decided to turn the former Emu Ranch (also a former pottery), into a craft center. She, with Meg's help, have gathered a dozen craft people, and other specialists to teach classes. Meg is teaching beginning blacksmithing, and later in the summer, Horace will be teaching forensics to police and there will be other classes that the troupers need to keep current. But right now the building is housing the crafters, and an equal number of students, with others housed in a camp ground and any rooms the locals are willing to book out (as B&B type housing). There are the usual egos clashing as artists are involved, but until the pranks start, the summer looked to be a success. But the second week, the pranks start again, but this time they escalate into homicide.
TRADER'S LEAP by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

First read as uncorrected proof December 1st, 2020
re-read a couple of times.
This is probably my fifth reading.

this is a brand new book. Sadly it is a so-so book, where nothing much seemed to be happening. (Oh wait, I'm on page 180. When did that happen?) It is certainly a fast read, and has a couple of fun things.

This is the more "witchy" of Juliet Blackwell's San Francisco series. And Mel Turner (from the IF WALLS COULD TALK) series makes a guest appearance. Lily Ivory is back from her honeymoon trip with Sailor. [They are hand-fasted, but the divorce isn't final, so the legal stuff will need to wait.] And Lily is suffering from a major case of Jet Lag. Her retro clothing ship is doing well, as in her absence her friends and family took care. How a coven on grannies, her mother, and the 2 (now 3) coworkers even fit in a boutique shop, I don't know. Somehow a sequined mermaid costume has come back from Europe in her suitcase. the costume is traced to, possibly, the site of a World Expo held just before WW II, on a man-made island with a marvelous view of the Golden Gate bridge. Something is making waves in the magical world of San Francisco Bay. [Pun intended. Sorry.]

The twins ae 10. This is the 22nd book in the series. As usual, I remind people to start with MURDER WITH PEACOCKS.

It is December in Caerphilly, VA. The small college town is holding the normal festivities. There are over-the-top decorations everywhere, and in the center of town, every house has decorations (inclusive of all religions), and strolling carolers. The annual "A Christmas Carol" will be produced in the new large theater, and this year a guest actor has been brought in to play the role of Scrooge. Sadly the actor is mostly concerned with playing the roll of an alcoholic. Meg sees the chance to follow him. In following him down a farm access, she goes on foot, and spots him leaving a farmhouse with a bottle of liquor, and a package. As Meg turns to leave, she hears the unmistakable roar of a tiger. Thus begins the rescue mission for the actor, the tiger, and the unidentified corpse from the next county.
BAD ACTORS by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Published 7/15/2021

This is a collection of 3 previously published short stories.

Steve and Sharon are writers. They don't always think in ONLY the book being written right now. They think in ideas, back stories, and characters. Apparently even when taking a drive in the country they are wont to say "Story Stuff" and scope out a short story or an idea.
Also the bills must be paid, and the cats fed. So sometimes one of these ideas moves from the back brain, and a sketched idea, into a story. This book is a compilation of three stories published in anthologies.

In one of the early novels, there are Miri & Val Con singing folk songs. One song is about RosaRing.
If Sharon & Steve put a song title in a novel, they know (sort of) how the song goes, and if there is a story of the song, well sometimes that story will get published. Hence "Excerpts from Two Lives".
The second story is about a Terran & a Liaden (former scout) sitting first and second on a courier ship, and the trouble they get into.
The third story is about a space station that entered the dust [See TRADE SECRET), and now 300 years later is just emerging.

I like everything that Sharon & Steve write. I love the stories about the universe where there are Terran's, Liaden, and XYtrang, and Giant Clutch Turtles, and small "Nor bears", sentient trees, and cats. So if they write it, I will buy it and read.
THE THIEF OF WORLDS by Bruce Coville
Published 2021

With what the world has been like for the past year, the only time I visited the book store was to stand outside and download an e-book. Then the world opened up a bit, and I've been downloading the books from inside the store. I always have a mask in my pocket, so last week I went into the Kid's section. sure enough Bruce has a new book.

The "hero" is about 11, but old for his years. He was born during a hurricane, hence his name: Hurricane. When his dad was killed by a drunk driver, he and his mom move to Chicago. Then the wind stops. No wind anywhere, and soon Chicago becomes a hospital ward, with brown outs, respiratory problems, and if this continues, famine (because the wind drives the rains). Hurricane's mom ends up in a hospital, where they have week, but some air conditioning. That night, alone in the apartment, he gets a visitor who tells him that he can save the world.

Well actually several worlds, as he is soon joined by a blue-skinned girl, a yellow skinned boy, and a person who hasn't decided on a sex. Together, with some magic, and some adult help, they will manage to save the worlds.

Bruce is still about 14 years old, in the body of a adult (age omitted, as he is barely older than I). He writes for children. With this past year, children need something to read that will take them out of themselves.
This will be my last review of this virtual convention. That will make it easier to see when a real convention gets reported on.
[I plan my own first night away from home in August, my first convention in September, and World SF Convention in December.]

23 in this long series. The books are still light, as if any murder mystery can be fun? These are.
The pun on the title is "Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead." Benjamin Franklin
You see Meg is shutting up the church for the night, and spots a light on in the columbarium (A crypt for ashes of people).
Now Meg is involved with solving the death of a parishioner, and how it relates to a death 25 years gone.

Just adding one more, as it is my favorite: LARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING by Donna Andrews
This is, perhaps, my favorite of this series. Why? Meg weaponizes Christmas Carols.
I have closed this thread. Virtual convention ended.

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