Garry Kilworth story
Has anybody read White Noise by Garry Kilworth? It appeared in Zenith: The Best in New British Science Fiction #1 edited by
 David  Garnett.

I had this book years ago and don't want to buy it again for one story - can anybody post a synopsis (including the ending, spoilers away)? Smile
Have not heard of it but it was published in several anthologies. Perhaps you or someone else have one already?

Title: White Noise - isfdb

There is a brief summary of the story in this essay's end note. This link leads to a page in Google Books

Quote:Garry Kilworth's science fiction story "White Noise" tells of a haunted undersea cable station. Characters find that the deep retains noises from ages past because (in a fabulous piece of SF logic), "Cold, dense water is less likely to disperse or be infiltrated by warm currents. The circular currents weave their way intact around the ocean floor like blind worms.' 'And they retain sound patterns ... ' 'Like magnetic tape.'

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