mammoths and jack the ripper
Trying to find two science fiction stories. Maybe somebody will recognize one. I'll describe what I remember best I can:

The first is a new take on Jack the ripper. An ex-boyfriend is looking for his ex-girlfriend (who doesn't want to see him), chasing her across  parallel dimensions. Whenever they enter a new dimension their bodies are altered and elongated in strange ways, and the boyfriend takes out his frustrations on local women who look like his ex. Eventually their bodies adapt to look like normal, the girl escapes to a new dimension and it starts again. From the late 1980s to early 1990s.

The second I thought was by Norman Spinrad in the 1970s but maybe not. It's about genetic engineering, bringing back extinct species (before Jurassic Park), and at the end the main characters hear the trumpet of a restored wooly mammoth (maybe signifying the trumpet of doom).

Anybody know where these stories appeared and who are the authors?
Don't know about any Jack the Ripper sci fi but maybe you're thinking of "Mammoth Dawn" for the second story?

"Mammoth Dawn" by Kevin J. Anderson and Gregory Benford

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