First time author. Giving my book away for 5 days on Kindle, would love any feedback.
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I just published my first YA SciFi novel and am looking for any kind of feedback. 


Peter Gustafson wants to save the world.
In the year 2984, Peter is an average kid with a secret; he’s a well-behaved tenth-grader by day but cryptographic entrepreneur and hacker by night. When the electricity mysteriously goes out in his hometown, Peter takes it upon himself to investigate. The adventure leads the young hacker to a large transmitting station and into a battle of wits with the greatest AI ever created. The machine requires a human to help "throw the switch" and give it full control so engineered the power outage as a test to lure its latest recruit, Peter Gustafson.

Free kindle download here:

And I'm giving it away as an epub on my site too here:

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