Help me choose YA Sci-Fi Book Cover
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hey guys, i'm working with my editorial and publishing team on the cover for Cynetic Wolf, my upcoming post-gene-editing dystopian YA novel. i'd love to get your feedback on two of the designs i'm working with

which (if either) would get you to read through to the description or buy the book?

here's the blurb for the book btw, to give you context:

Life sucked until cyborgs murdered his sister. Then things got interesting: hit squads, cybernetic powers, secrets better left unsaid.

Raek’s your average sixteen-year-old wolfish: claws, keen eyes, no future, and a nose for trouble… There’s just one thing: he’s got built-in blasters and is a threat to the immortal world government and its rigid caste system which enslaves his fellow hybrids. And that’s why the Resistance wants him, and the cyborgs want him dead.

With only the advice of a half-human professor and the help of a fragmented Resistance, Raek must navigate crushing betrayal, self-doubt, and a limitless enemy whose evil knows no bounds.

The fate of mankind may rest in his hands.

NOTE: Obviously cover two has watermarks now but wouldn't if I chose that design.


[Image: ZROmJbu.jpg]

[Image: ECFG7YJ.jpg]

thanks a ton for the super helpful feedback. it is always hard when you are so close to a project to be objective

and if you're interested, you can grab the 1st five chapters free here, before it's released

cheers and happy nerding undefined

matt writer and lover of sci-fi and speculative fiction.
I prefer the first cover, myself.
As do I.

If you haven't chosen as yet - choose pretty and bright.

Note: Make sure that the spine has night bright colors, with readable type, as that is often the only part of the book we book buyers can see.

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