Inappropriate costumes
Are all costumes depicting culture or historical figures wrong? I remember once my friends dressed as aN Arabica  couple or one who dressed as Adolph Hitler as started to play attack Jews and blacks in school.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
If you spend any time browsing photographs from the 1800s you'll see that a lot of everyday clothing was a bit drab - perhaps an effect of aging photographs. But many movies based on the 1800s do a very good job of replicating those clothing styles.

On the other hand, children's costumes (especially for Halloween) tend to be rather simplistic and (in my opinion) unrealistic.

Then again, costumes depicting historical figures are often based on iconic paintings or photographs. George Washington surely wore many different styles of clothing throughout his life but he is usually depicted in a very limited set of "period" clothes by costume makers.

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