looking for a novel I fell in love with
Hello everybody!
I read a story that moved me a few years ago, I'm trying to get my hands on it:
- written by a progressive or communist American writer, in favor of free love
- the story: some scientists and voluntary couples isolate themselves with a certain number of handpicked children from birth for their gifted potential. These children would be the next stage of evolution, which would only wait for a favorable environment to flower. The experiment is financed by the army, which agrees not to intervene for twelve years.
- it works more than everyone could hope: children have all the imaginable psychic gifts, intelligence far beyond the conceivable, end of bourgeois morality, love and free sexuality between children, including between "parents" who remove the concept of couple to be fully available to the needs of children
- finally the children are powerful enough to completely isolate the ground from space and time, protecting them from the army which will of course only think of destroying them. As soon as there are enough of them, the group will begin to "liberate" children around the world by thought ...

There is a "time" in the title name, that's all I can say unfortunately !
I have never heard of this book but it sounds like the plot was borrowed by quite a few low-budget TV movies and episodes of various science fiction series.

In fact, it almost sounds like Ender's Game, although there is only a superficial resemblance in plot points.
Feels like a Robert A Heinlein novel. Try Methuselah's Children - though this isn't a direct match.
(February 7th, 2020, 01:21 PM)Irene Wrote: Feels like a Robert A Heinlein novel.   Try   Methuselah's Children - though this isn't a direct match.

I always thought Heinlein was more libertarian than socialist or "progressive", although the 'free love' part does sound a bit like something he'd do, and the psychic powers related to an upbringing in isolation from general human society are reminiscent of Stranger in a Strange Land, IMO, if you can grok that! U. K. LeGuin was said to be inclined toward socialism a bit but I don't recognize that description as resembling anything I know of by her.
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I looked through a lot of book lists but couldn't find anything to match this request. I have to say that it's not as easy to find lists of books as it was 15-20 years ago. Google has really screwed up searching the Web. Bing isn't any better.

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