Cats in Andre Norton
Recently Sharon Lee was trying to remember the name of that cat, sounds like Yeep? .... Asking her fans to get her the name.  What she was looking for was Eet, and another fan found it for her. [Sharon calls these fans "Spanish Aunts" from Tia from T.I.A.  from Thanks In Advance]

There are several cats to be found in Andre Norton's books.  

Off the top of my head there is   
Nobel Warrior (short story) a Siamese marked cat who saves the daughter of a sea captain. 
The Scots Bob-cat in GATE OF THE CAT  don't remember if it had a name. 
The cat in "All Cats are Grey" 
Did the ship's cat on the Solar Queen (Plague Ship) have a name? 

S'Kitty was penned by Mercedes Lackey
The Gate of the Kittens is in one of the TALES books, by Belden

Perhaps there are so many "ship's cats"  that they are seldom given names. 

Help me remember.
There are the telepathic cats Joisan meets in Gryphon in Glory. Also Farne’s cat companion Grimclaw in Were-Wrath. There is the “Curl-cat” companion of Charis in Ordeal in Otherwhere. Uta in Zarathor’s Bane (but we find out she’s a shapeshifter who was stuck in cat form in The Warding of Witch World). There is Sinbad aboard the Solar Queen who saves their lives in Plague Ship. Valcyr is the ships cat aboard the Vestris that gave birth to Eet in The Zero Stone. There is Cat and White Cat in the short stories by Marylois Dunn beginning with Cat and the Other in Tales Of the Witch World (1) and continuing in the Catfantastic collections.

The Scotts wildcat from The Gate of the Cat is called Swiftfoot. There is also Chief who is the companion of Destree n’Regnant from Port of Dead Ships and The Warding of Witch World. The mutated/genetically engineered telepathic cats in Catseye are Simba and Sahiba if I remember correctly.
thank you. I didn't have all of those names memorized... And I left out the STAR KA'AT troup. Is there a cat in OPAL-EYED FAN ? There is also cinders/Satan in RALESTONE LUCK

Maybe I should start a list?
There’s The Beast Master’s Dune Cat companion but he’s the size of a mountain lion. There is also Fors' large, mutant hunting cat companion Lura in Star Man’s Son- 2250AD. And in Horn Crown, Gathea’s lion-sized cat companion is Gruu.

There’s also Murri in Mark of the Cat/Year of the Rat...
Oh. I forgot those....

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