You never really know what you have!
Hello kind folks,

You never really know what you have! ~ Apparently.

Amazingly (to me - anyways) I just made a find that made me feel better. (been sick for a couple of weeks)

Had a friend over and was showing him my Andre collection. At one point he grabbed my ACE Gift Box from 1970 that contains the first 6 Witch World titles with a $3.30 price tag and supposed to come with a map of Witch World. Of the half dozen editions of this boxed set I have set my eyes on over the years, I have  never seen the map. I have had my set for maybe 12 years. Anyway he removed the Witch World Book and started fanning through the book with his thumb.

He proclaimed what's this and pulled out a folded piece of paper. I snatched it from him and very carefully unfolded it. I was dumbfounded - In my hands was the map that I have never seen in all my years of research into Andre and her work.

It is 19 1/2" wide by 11" high and is surrounded by some wonderful illustrations by Barbi Johnson. It's an earlier version of the maps that appear in the Gregg Press 7 book set, released 1977.

I am sharing a scan of it just because I think it is very rare.

If you have one - well good for you - I may be wrong but as far as I can tell it is extremely rare.

Witch World Map

Note: If you click on the left side of the image viewer you can see the Gregg Press maps also.

Tried to insert the image but cannot figure out how to make it work.
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This is very cool. I'm glad you were showing the collection to that friend, and didn't cringe as he fanned the paperback. [I would have cringed as the paperbacks from the 1970's were the ones with the bad glue, and browning paper.

OK. so you made me crawl around on the rug (the boxed paperbacks are on the bottom shelf). The box itself is pretty ugly. White with a humanoid with webbed feet & fish fin down the back of his legs (holding a spear). The box had prominent Red circles with MAP INSIDE. Inside I do, indeed, have the map. A couple of acid marks, but in one piece.

Some where I think I have a better copy?? Maybe it's a different map. Whatever, I don't see it on my list of stuff, nor do I remember where it might be.

I did find a notation that I have a Witch World T-shirt with a map. I wonder where I put that? It is not in the drawer with the CD's, Tapes & other stuff.

PS: I have the boxed set (under discussion) with a thin white ribbon around the books in the box. I was able to gently tug on the ends, and the books & map, just slid out.
Well I didn't want to mention how I wanted to punch him for even picking up the box, never mind removing a book and thumb fanning through it. I don't fan or open up my 1970s paperbacks unless the spines are already broken. I learned the hard way. Yes they are just paperbacks but when you try to collect pristine editions for their cover-art you don't handle them.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
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I'm glad that you neither throttled him, nor yelled, as the result is pretty cool. 

Now I need to figure out where I put the Andre Norton T-shirts... I know that I've got one (a duplicate) in the 'to be worn' drawer.
But where????   Perhaps I acid free boxed the two T-shirts, and put them in the upstairs library? Everything got moved around in 2018 when I had work done in the bathroom (and therefore lots of dust in the downstairs den). 

Jay - hope that you are feeling better, and that you can now spend time looking over your newly found map.
Wow, what a fantastic find!  Thank you so much for sharing that.  Decades of fandom, & I'd never seen it before.

I too hope you're feeling better.

Very cool. I've seen that map before but it's hard, hard, HARD to find copies of it.
I climbed the stairs to the library. I found the T-shirt with front and back maps of Witch world. These are Black with gold lines. If a copy is needed, I can take a photo of front & back. [Purchased from Andre Norton Ltd

I also found my Mary Hansen Roberts maps.

I don't have the other in a flat version & am loath to pull the map from the boxed set that it has been in for around 50 years.

PS: Found a whole bunch of Anne McCaffrey posters, a Ron Walotsky print and some sketches sent by Gail Walotsky to Andre Norton.

If you ever want to sell those Mary Hansen Roberts maps ~ I would very much like to have first option.

Also - any way I can get a photo of the shirts in question and a scan of the Walotsky scetches?
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
I don't plan to sell my Mary Hansen Roberts maps.

I suppose that I can take a photo of the shirts (there are three shirts - two sided)

The sketches will take a little longer (but I will decide before Feb 13), as I need to decide what to do with the McCaffrey posters before I open the art portfolio again.

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