Y hi It They I wonder what Mr. Burroughs would think about dna or Dinos being more related to birds and some of the new dinosaurs like velociraptors.
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Burroughs wrote about a monstrous vat of flesh and body parts that grew uncontrollably by eating itself. I don't think he'd let small details like biological classification get in the way of a thrilling story.

My impression is that persons and beasts in his stories were either of good character or bad character. That was the only important "dna" driving his plots.
Many of his creatures were just slight variations on creatures known during his lifetime to have existed long ago, so I think he'd have included any new discoveries in his works like any good writer.
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Burroughs loved a good monster story. His Land That Time Forgot and People That Time Forgot books come closest to exploring real evolutionary theory (although the Martian "Tree of Life" mythology is really well done in the early John Carter books). I believe he could have easily accommodated the latest theories about dinosaur evolution into his fiction. He probably would have enjoyed the challenge of doing so.

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