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[Request] Looking for beta readers for a short, 40,000 YA SciFi
Thank you for any help. I've been working on this story on and off for almost 4 years now. I posted before and got some great feedback and made a lot of changes.

I am looking for feedback on overall flow and feel with a focus on helping me catch the eye of an agent.

Here is the book: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4VW...sp=sharing

[Image: IhcS2nW.png]

Title: Crash Dump: How Peter Gustafson Defragmented the World
Options Title: The Blackout
Author: Kyle Benzle
Website: CrashDumpTheBook.com

A Line: A young computer hacker accidentally destroys the planet while trying to save it from an evil AI.
B Line: In the distant future our young hero, Peter Gustafson, finds himself in a battle of wits against the greatest AI ever created. Peter is conflicted when the machine recruits him to help launch a satellite that will scan, upload and defragment all of Earth's data but must destroy the planet in the process.

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