Video: Trailer for "Mulan" (live action)
Yifei Liu stars as Mulan in the upcoming live action adaptation of the classic Disney animated film. It looks like a new character has been introduced to the story.

Watch Trailer for live action "Mulan" from Disney from YouTube
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Mulan will be released to theaters in March 2020.

Other actors in the film include Donnie Chen (known for Ip Man and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Jet Li, Li Gong, and Jason Scott Lee.

This looks like a high-quality production and I'm looking forward to seeing it.
I saw the trailer yesterday.  Looks like a couple of new characters, and using the same story as the Mulan animated movie, allows for re-edit of a script, and a new movie with the Chinese "wire work" type acrobatics. 

I'm not sure that I am going to see this one.
I really enjoyed the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin" remakes. They followed the original animated films closely but added new characters and sub-plots. I thought they did a brilliant job.

I don't know if there is a Kevin Feige-like power behind these live-action adaptations but so far they seem to be working. I did not see "Cinderella", which I think followed the same formula.

I was always fascinated by the idea of taking animated films and turning them into live-action movies. So maybe I'm a little more open-minded about the practice.

Then again, I also liked Turner's colorized films and "The Phantom Menace" is still my choice for best Star Wars movie. So I realize my tastes are a little eclectic for some people.
Maybe yes. Maybe no. I'm not sure. But the trailer … well I just didn't see the plot of the Animated version. This was more the intro to CROUCHING TIGER.

I've got a time before it actually comes out.

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