Video: Trailer for "Star Wars 9" (Rey fights Kilo Ren)
And here is another Star Wars trailer.

Watch STAR WARS 9 "Rey Fights Kylo" Trailer (NEW 2019) The Rise of Skywalker Movie HD from YouTube
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STAR WARS 9 "Rey Fights Kylo" Trailer (NEW 2019) The Rise of Skywalker Movie HD

The movie opens on December 20, 2020.
Wow! I do plan to see this, but probably not until Christmas Day.... so please no spoilers.

There were about 6 different trailers here, including one that looked..... Well, it is such a tiny screen, so maybe I didn't get a good look.

I tried to catch each of the voices, as they did the different voice overs. but couldn't get them all.

There was a nice clip where Rey uses Jedi mind tricks on two storm troupers. "It's OK that you are here." and her companions asking each other "Does she do that to us?"

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