The Russians Are Coming!, The Russians are Coming!!
Hello Kind Folks

Thought I would share this piece of info ~ for those who care.

I just spent 200 plus hours going through all the Russian listings ~ Making sense of all those Omnibus editions that the Russians love so. I redid the listings, added the contents of each and updated all the images.

I have better faith in the listings now that I got them all from the Russian equivalent to the ISFDB website.

Can you guess which title has the most inclusions in the Russian Omnibus Editions?
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
First guess is BEAST MASTER. Second Guess YURTH BURDEN  (but only for the costumes).

And no I haven't cheated and looked at my list.
Having sent you much of that info before from that website, I understand the undertaking. It can be bewildering with all of the anthologies/omnibuses, and adding to it a language that doesn't use our alphabet only makes it worse. Kudos.

All that information you supplied over the years formed the foundation of what I have now.
I filled in blanks, got the actual contents, added a lot of new listings and images, and replaced all the low-res images I had.
My new website has better image capacity. So I'm upgrading as many images as possible.

I was always amazed at the quantity of Russian editions I would come across. But now I'm fascinated by the progression of the cover art and the combinations of titles over the years. There are some some really interesting patterns there.

That's a lot of printing by just a hand-full of companies spread across Russia.

Here's an interesting trivia fact.

Andre's space adventure "Sargasso of Space" wins for most inclusions in a Russian omnibus with a total of 27.

While "Witch World" is in 15 Russians omnibus editions it was however printed as a single title in 29 Non-English editions that we can verify.
As for "Sargasso of Space" it has 18 Non-English listings, that makes it ahead by 1 when it comes to foreign printings that I know of.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -

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