The Mandalorian
Personally I have been really enjoying the non-saga Star Wars lately, if not episode 7 and 8. Having always loved the Mandalorians I am curious to hear what all of your thoughts are? Will it be good? What are some things you do, do not want to see?
Read The Darkest Night.
I think it will be better than most of what we've seen from Disney Star Wars so far. However, the bar has been set so low that this isn't really saying much.

It seems like Disney's complete mismanagement of Star Wars is catching up to them, and the media isn't able to cover it with attacks on fans any more. Reports indicate that the theme park is a huge failure. Prior to this, we already saw that merchandise for the new stuff doesn't sell. And now Bob Iger's new autobiography brings to light what we all pretty much knew already, that George Lucas hates the new movies and what they've done with them.

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