Dragon*Con 2019 Health Warning
One of the hotels used by Dragon*Con has been in the news lately because a number of people contracted Leginnaire's disease there earlier this year. Although I think the hotel has now been cleared for use by the public again, anyone attending the convention should pay careful attention to their health.

If you develop symptoms of a respiratory infection, don't hesitate to see a medical professional. Most likely it will be a simple case of a cold or flu (you can get them at any time during the year), but better to be safe than sorry.

Once again I'm not attending Dragon*Con. I injured my back last year and though I'm about 95% functional again I still tire easily if I don't take the pressure off my back. I would be in agony if I tried to do a convention right now.

I hope I can get back to doing conventions in 2020 but there are other factors to consider, too, such as my work schedule. Running a small business is a very time-consuming occupation.

Anyway, be careful and have fun this weekend if you're going.
Dragon Con is not one of the conventions that I attend. To far for the enjoyment that I get from it.

My last visit was [turns to the wall of Convention programs & book-of-badges] 2000, with badges from '99 and '95.

I remember the convention is being VERY crowded, with the art show squashed in one corner of a hall, and the convention spread around the city in different locations.

I suppose, I can look into this for 2020.... Especially now that I'm retired.
The last few times I attended (post 2012) the Art Show had its own hall in either the Marriott or the hotel behind it. It was quite large.

They've taken steps to reorganize the space usage but it's still spread out across the center of the city. I think there are still 5 or 6 main venues. But one could certainly concentrate one's time in 3 or 4 buildings and never have to walk outside in the heat and humidity, except to stand in line for one of the main events. The Skyway connects a number of buildings downtown and makes walking from building to building almost convenient during Dragon*Con.

Of course this year the Sheraton had some sort of fire during the con, if what I read somewhere was correct. But I guess it wasn't a major conflagration. Not sure.

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