Kurt Vonnegut novels
I wish there were some movies about his books. Have Chris Pratt as Paul from The  Player piano or  Chris Evans as the hero from Slaughterhouse Five.
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A feature movie of Slaughterhouse - 5 was released back in 1972!
Billy Pilgrim was played by Michael Sacks

Vonnegut was no stranger to movies and television. Breakfast of Champions was adapted in 1999. There have also been a few different versions of "Harrison Bergeron", among other short subjects. Vonnegut was a writer for the Ford Television Theater and the General Electric Theater in the 1950's.
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I struggled through Slaughterhouse 5 when I was a teenager. An older friend told me I would love the book because I was such a science fiction fan. Boy, was HE ever wrong.

Then I saw the movie (years after it was made). It made me realize the book really was so much better than the movie. And I still couldn't fully appreciate it.

Not a Vonnegut fan, I'm afraid. I don't recall ever reading or viewing anything else by him but it's possible something slipped by without my noticing his name in the credits.

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