Did Tolkien get some of inspiration for his stories from Japanese myths/ fairytales
There are giant goblin rats and spiders and winged monsters that attack people on the road in Japanese myths and fairytales. Did Tolkien get some inspiration from them?
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I think giant rats, spiders, boggles, baddies. and long legged winged beasties are pretty universal.
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I don't remember many giant rats and spiders in European mythology, but it's fair to ask where Tolkien looked for inspiration.

He cited ancient Greek and Egyptian influences. He also heavily invoked Biblical ideas (God, angels, Satan, etc.).

Scholars have shown he used Slavic sources, and Celtic source. The idea that Tolkien was all about extending or rewriting Anglo-Saxon ideas has been proven false. He was heavily biased toward Anglo-Saxon ideas but incorporated ideas from across the world.

I read a paper some years back that suggested Tolkien may have drawn on Vedic sources for some obscure things.

So I would be reluctant to rule out Japanese mythology as a potential source. It's worth looking into although at this late stage I don't think we'd ever find anything other than parallels.

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