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I'm not sure I want to mix unverified rumors in with our "Amazon Middle-earth TV Show News" so we will post unverified rumors here.

And my first unverified rumor is that a casting call for the show went out in February. The casting call COULD have been for some other production but it stipulated that they were looking for people to play fantastic creatures in a fantasy TV drama. The location was not specified but it's definitely somewhere in the United Kingdom.

The Amazon show will be filmed at a newly opened studio in Leith, Edinburgh. Now I say "newly opened" but it was actually used for filming part of the last "Avengers" movie. The studio was formally opened for business earlier this year.

I have tried to find references to other fantasy TV shows scheduled for production in Scotland. The closest thing I could find is "Outlander" but unless the show is about to change its format radically (a woman from the 20th century travels back and forth in time in Scotland) I don't think this casting call is for that show. Also, it stipulated it was a new show.

They are looking for fair-skinned people and/or people with vitiglio (the skin condition where you lose your pigment) or albinos. I have no other information at this time. The casting call is real as far as I can determine and it appears to be targeted at people in the Edinburgh area but it did not say that. I'm inferring from responses I've seen to the casting call on Facebook.

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