Star Wars & Harry Potter - not a convention
So, I am considering an Orlando, FL vacation in November.

Two full days at Universal - staying in one of their hotels, getting the early access to HP world. Ya need two full days to see both of the locations, and you need a park-to-park pass to take the train between Hogsmead and London (The best illusion of all, as there is no space to turn the engine around, but you see the train pull into the station.)

Two full days at Disney - staying at one of their hotels, getting the early access to the Star Wars venu. Multi park pass, so that we can go to the Animal Park & eat dinner at Epcot.

At Universal, I avoid roller coasters, but love the Men in Black & the Minions rides. I have traveled the Jurassic Park ride, and getting soaked twice is enough.
I was so excited to be in Potter world, that I threw my backpack into a locker, thumb printed the lock & promptly forgot the locker number - and after an hour, when we figured the locker number, couldn't reproduce the thumbprint - Memo to self: write down the locker number & Use a number for the lock.

So what should I do at the Disney - Star Wars location?
This was from BADLANDS

Cool. I hope you have fun but where are you going to which Disney park ?

ANSWER:   That is what I'm hoping for information on. 
We will get a multi-park access, so that we can eat dinner at Epcot each night.
Probably the Animal Kingdom and
Star Wars   which will be open in Florida by then.. I've heard that in CA it is already sold out for the next month.
Thanks. I prefer Disney World over Disneyland. More things to do.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Yes I will be going to Orlando.    I haven't been to Disney land since (oh gosh 1975 ?).   Back then there were lettered coupons to ride the special rides. 

Since then I've been to Disney World a couple of times. Epcot at least twice. 
One year I even filled a couple of post cards with autographs from Mickey and other costumed cast members. 
I've also been to Universal - with two trips to see the Hogwarts set, and 2-3 years later to see the London set. For the second visit, we stayed at a Park Hotel & had early admission. 

But here I'm interested in the Star Wars experience. 

"To visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park between May 31, 2019 and June 23, 2019, Guests will need a reservation to access the land and valid theme park admission."   After that No reservation, but subject to max capacity.  I've heard that all of the reservations have been given out. Then again if you stay at a park hotel, you get an included reservation. 

So, for Disneyworld, I'm going to assume the same problem will exist.  Opening date August 29
"Capacity is limited. Admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios—including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its experiences—may be restricted or unavailable depending on Guest demand and other factors."
Staying at a park property allows early admission to the park 
I'm hoping that by November some of the hype will have died down. 

Right now the web site only has two rides & other stuff to do. 
The other stuff includes making your own light saber, or your own droid.  I will assume that there is an additional fee for either of these. [Especially since they are listed as Merchandise.]
You can purchase a Jedi robe, but not wear it in the park (else you be thought a Disney Cast member).
I found a "Star Wars Launch Bay" which is a large warehouse/theater on the map, next to the Brown Derby Restaurant, but the only pictures are artists concepts.  

So it is possible that the entre Star Wars is under a roof, and all view-scapes, shops and city streets are under that roof.

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