If Ciryatur had got One Ring?
You're referring to Admiral Ciryatur the commander and (according to canon) highest-ranking Numenorean officer in Middle-Earth during the Eregion War?

Sauron may well have had the RoP's on his person, so all of them conceivably could have been captured, maybe even carried over the Sea to Numenor. That leads to all kinds of alternate-plot scenarios, esp. as the Shadow and immortality-envy sets in, even faster and more completely possibly due to the influence of the Rings and their likely misuse by royal and noble Numenoreans.

I guess a case could also be made that Sauron had them carried back to Mordor, while he prosecuted his war to take the Three, or that they were in his camp headquarters under guard.
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I think it's completely open to speculation. Would Sauron have entrusted those rings with any of his servants? If so, which servants? He had no Nazgul at the time. He must have had captains and lieutenants. Were any of them Umaiar as he was, or were all of Morgoth's other Ainurian followers dead or fled? We know there was one balrog sleeping in the mountains at that time. That's it.

I think I like the "in his camp headquarters under guard" idea. He would have kept them close. The narratives are ambiguous but they do say he took the rings back to Mordor, where he perverted them. So apparently he kept the rings close. But that could also be Tolkien writing as a late 3rd Age or early 4th Age Gondorian scholar, reconstructing events thousands of years old.

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