A little bit of Amazon LoTRonPrime News from France
Every year the Series Mania forum draws thousands of representatives from TV production companies, networks, and other organizations across Europe and North America to what is, I believe, one of the industry's biggest trade shows.

Amazon's head of Prime in Europe, Georgia Brown, was interviewed at the forum. Apparently she took a short clip with her to promote the Middle-earth TV show. The clip ends with a shot of a Ring of Power but it seems to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first series/show will be set in the 2nd Age.

[Image: 56963266_10158438655996038_1123176197497...e=5D4EDF04]

This is a translation of a comment shared on social media in Franch: "At the Amazon Prime Panel, we just saw a teaser presenting the upcoming series. At the end of the teaser, we saw a power ring resting on a table with a certain Elvish phrase highlighted."

And this is a translation of a portion of an article that transcribes or excerpts what they spoke about (virtually nothing about the show).

In the midst of the expectation of its plans to move forward and offer real competition to Netflix, there was the conversation of Georgia Brown , director of Prime in Europe, with Marjorie Pailon .

'We have launched Prime with US content, but we discovered that they wanted a local product and decided to try to reinvigorate this item, we are interested in each producer being successful in their country of origin, not so much in the rest. If you travel well around the world, it's fine, but it's not a goal. '

"Producers have a hard time understanding that we are not a broadcaster, we are not looking for a program that works well at 9pm, it is a joint effort, we have to break rules," he added.

'We do not discuss budgets from the start, we are not in the game of numbers, we focus on the idea behind the story. We also do not think about a large volume of production, we are really agnostic, we are currently interested in police dramas but we are willing to explore everything that is being offered to us, as long as it is different from what has been done up to now ".
'We are obstinate with the audience, we think about what they think they want; and we want them to be entertained, satisfied; we do not care what effect that content produces on them. Amazon is a subscription service, people have to subscribe, and the content leads to subscribe.

'We were very successful with All or Nothing , with a good emotional story that was connected to the audience, sports are a very good way to connect. It does not work for an advertiser or a schedule. We do not think much about competitors, the investment is for consumers and for creatives, you can not buy talent, what we do is a context that is good for them. Disruption is good, some disruptions expand the mind, bring new ideas. What interests us, I reiterate, is local production, a different way of seeing things. '

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