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This is kind of a ,biding time at work, post.

1. If the franchise wants to go beyond movie 3 (everyone's contracts are up after it) can they sign the cast as is? Hugh Jackman hasn't done himself any favors with his movie choices outside of X-Men, so can he demand more? Halle Barry --- hello I have a pitty oscar, I want more money and screen time. Patrick Stewart -- he'll get at least the 10 or so million he received for the this contract. Can Ian McKellen demand more money due to Gandalf? The rest of the cast hasn't really done much outside of the X-Men movies.

2. Who should be the villian in the next movie? I for one would love to see Apocalypse ... is this possible? Or second choice would probably be the Brood, though that would be even more CG intensive. With Jean Grey obviously coming back in the next movie as Pheonix, Apocalypse might be the perfect villian for this story.

3. What character would you love to see in the next movie that hasn't made an appearance so far, and who would you have play that character? I, personally, am pulling for Alex Summers, aka HavoK ... Cyclop's plasma blast generating brother. As for who would play him, I have no clue ... must be 6 ft plus, blond hair, blue eyes and able to play a brooding, strong willed character. Any ideas? Next on this list would be Gambit, but I think that is probably a given for the next movie and I believe the actor, though editted out has already been chosen.

I know, kinda stupid speculation but I'm bored and it will make for a fun weekend of debate.
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I'm really hoping to see Remy Lebeau ie. Gambit in the next movie. Maybe as a bad guy if necessary who switches sides. But there is no living actor cool enough to play him
I have yet to see X-Men 2 but I want to see a return of Jubelie and Beast.

Also I think Apocolypse would be the best villian.
Actors for Remy?

1. Colin Ferral

2. Ian Somerhalder for pics--> Ian

Only two I can think of at the moment.
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I agree with you on Halle Berry. I like her, but she seems to have cultivated a lousy attitude after winning an oscar, like she's an A-lister now, so she feels she should only have starring roles. If anyone can be justified in asking for more money, it's Hugh Jackman.

I'd like to see more of Jubilee in the next movie. She's had cameo appearances in both movies, but nothing in the way of a real role. If they do feature her, I hope they build up the relationship between her and Wolverine. The Rogue/Wolverine relationship in the first movie was basically standing in for that I think. We also need to see more of Rogue. As for other characters, Gambit, Beast, and Archangel are the three I'd like to see the most. The problem, of course, is fitting them all into the same movie. In order to accomlish this, they might split the team up during the movie, like they do in the comic books. Oh, yeah, the thing with Gambit is that they can't have Rogue not fall for Gambit, that's just too huge a piece of the comics to alter, so maybe they can get rid of iceman for the next movie. I don't like the actor playing him that much either, and I think he's an innaccurate portrayal of Iceman too. Maybe he could leave to resolve the issues that arise with his family in X2.

Villian? Well, I'd go with a classic one. Apocalypse wouldn't be my first choice, because hitting the audience with that and Jean's new powers (which she will presumably have) would be alot to assimilate. I'm not a huge fan of lots of CGI, so I'm not big on the Brood idea. On the other hand, those are both classic X-Men villians, so they could make excellent movies.
Well there have been other James Bonds so why can't there be other Professor X's. I was thinking that the only person they really need to sign would be Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. But really they could just as easily replace them if the story was strong enough.

But my first answer was if they kept Stewart then they could go ahead with pretty much anyone they wanted. I'm not a fan of the X-Men (nor do I hate it) so I don't know but isn't the X-Men universe big enough that there are lots of characters the writers can draw from for continuing stories.

I don't think it will come to that as they could just boil it down to Jackman, Stewart, Janssen and Marsden and throw in other characters as needed.

I understand that Halle Berry has decided to not continue with the series.
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